Many of the campgrounds we visit do not have fire rings or allow fires in the RV section. A few have special areas designated for fires, but usually only on certain evenings.

We enjoy cooking outside and sometimes the little grill just cannot replace the experience of cooking on a open fire.  One of our family favorites is making Hobo Pies.

Campground in California

Campground in California

Normally to make a Hobo Pie, you need to have a Hobo Pie Iron. They are rather reasonable in price and can be found anywhere that sells camping supplies, from Cabela’s to Target. The “iron” consists of two identical pieces that “sandwich” together and then is placed over the campfire.

Since we are usually not able to make Hobo Pies over a campfire, we use a traditional sandwich maker. There are several inexpensive ones on the market and occasionally you can even find one on sale for under $15.

The best type of sandwich maker for Hobo Pies is one that has room for two sandwich’s and divides the sandwich in half (four sandwich halves).

To make a Hobo Pie you take two slices of bread and butter them. You then place the butter-side down on the bottom of the sandwich maker. You then place your “fixings” on top of the bread. When you are finished, you place the second piece of bread over it with the butter-side on top. You then clasp your sandwich maker shut and wait for the light to indicate your Hobo Pie is ready.

The main thing to remember is that Hobo Pies are sealed and the contents will be very hot. If you put something that can boil (like filling or meat sauce) it may splatter and burn you. So be cautious when eating a hot Hobo Pie.

You should also be careful not to overfill your pie as it may cause the bread to break. If it breaks in the sandwich maker you will not only have a mess to clean, but the smell of burnt food in your camper.

There are many different things you can use for Hobo Pies. My personal favorite is the simple peanut butter and jelly pie; however, I like to either put marshmallows or spread marshmallow fluff on mine. I know people who add banana slices to theirs. Or forgo the jelly and just have peanut butter, banana and marshmallows.

Fruit fillings also make wonderful Hobo Pies, especially apple, cherry and blueberry. You can then take the pies and roll them in sugar for an added treat! Be wary of using pudding fillings though, as they are extremely hot and very messy.

Hobo Pies also make great meals. A favorite is making a pizza pie with cheese, pizza sauce and toppings. Quick and easy sandwich pies can be made with simple canned chicken, ham or turkey meats.

Pretty much anything you can think of can be made into a Hobo Pie!

Another thing that I have learned is that flour tortillas make great substitutes for bread. The only difference is that you need to cut them square (and leave them large to create a seal). These are especially great if you are having pizza or taco Hobo Pies. The only thing with tortillas is that you may have to leave them in a little while longer if you like them a nice golden color.

Sometimes we have Hobo Pie parties and gather a variety of ingredients. Everyone makes their own creation from the buffet of cheeses, meats and fillings.

So do not fret if you cannot have a campfire at your campground. Find yourself an inexpensive sandwich maker and make Hobo Pies anytime!