Campground living can be rather exciting, but occasionally we run into the Campers from Hell. Usually this is during the “beer-drinking holidays” or on weekends. We try to remind ourselves that these folks are just temporary neighbors and that either they will move on or that we will.

What makes a Camper from Hell? Usually anything that involves breaking the campground rules (especially the standard “do not disturb your neighbors” rule that most campgrounds have) or intentionally disruptive behavior.

First impressions are not always accurate. I have seen campers that looked like they were rolled over in a tornado or retrieved from the junk yard drive into the campground; and, I assumed they were going to be party people only for them to be some of the nicest (and quietest) Camping neighbors we’ve ever had. Then again, I’ve seen quaint families in quarter-million dollar motor coaches pull in, only for the campground management have to call the law to have them removed after they started a knife fight!

Most campgrounds have strict quiet hours. Since campsites are in close proximity, it is only fair that loud music or campfire conversation be reduced during evening hours. However, some folks – those Campers from Hell, just don’t care if their neighbors get any sleep.  We have been in situations where these folks have left their outdoor speakers on (while they remained inside), started shouting contests over their own loud music, played loud (and sometimes offensive music) for hours and sat drunk around the campfire screaming (or howling like wolves in one case!) until the wee hours of the morning.

Another type of Camper from Hell is the irresponsible dog owner which I call Crappy Campers. They either abandon their dog (outside or inside) for hours on end and force the dog to bark for attention or they allow their dog to continually bark (without discipline). Many campgrounds now have weight limits on dogs or breed-restrictions, yet some may allow larger dogs or dogs which have been stereotyped as aggressive. I like animals and won’t get into the whole “aggressive breed” debate – but I do feel some dogs (because of their humans lack of understanding obedience training) that should not be allowed in campgrounds. And this can be any breed. I was attacked by a small poodle in campground! Some dogs are just not good campground dogs  – there are too many people, too many noises, other dogs,  etc… for them to deal with if they aren’t trained and their human companions are irresponsible.

Another type of Camper from Hell is the Slammer. These are the folks who are constantly slamming things – doors, windows, cupboards, storage compartments, younameit! RVs are insulated, but in such close quarters, noises like that carry. Especially in the middle of the night.

Recently another one on my list has been those odd-hour cell phone users. I have woken up to the sound of “Can you hear me now?”  – only to look out my bedroom window to see a shadow of a manic trying to get better cell reception at 3 AM. Apparently these folks don’t realize the rest of the campground doesn’t want to hear their conversation, especially so early in the morning. Definitely qualifies for my list of Campers from Hell.

I have nothing against folks who drink, but if you drink to the point you are howling at the moon – you are a Camper from Hell. These folks are usually weekenders looking for a good time. Although I don’t understand why they waste 40+ bucks a night at a campground when they can get drunk in their own backyard for free.

Fortunately we know that these Campers from Hell will be moving on (or we will). If you are in campground, please remember to obey the campground rules and be a good neighbor. If not, you may end up in one of my books someday! 😉