The weather outside is frightful!
The weather outside is frightful!

This week we were planning several site-seeing trips in this region, unfortunately we find ourselves in a Winter Storm Watch for the next two days. Apparently Mother Nature says that  South Texas isn’t south enough to escape her winter grasp! 😉

The temperature has already started to drop and the wind gusts are rustling the slide awnings. So we’ve set the propane furnace, turned on a little ceramic heater and declared it a stay-indoors day!

Meanwhile our  camping neighbors are quickly trying to pack and head home. They weren’t prepared for such weather and decided they would spend their vacation in a warm house. The propane truck can be heard a few campsites down. Several of the Winter Texans staying here are in need of propane and with the weather changing, an empty tank is not advised. I imagine as the wind gust escalate, we’ll find more Campers pulling in to hunker down for a day or two. It is difficult to drive a RV during windy and stormy conditions.

Only those who have a purpose to be in this weather are outside. The rest of us are sitting in our RVs and catching up on projects, reading or watching television. We are all just making the most of the situation.

I’ve been updating state photos on THE MODERN NOMAD and scouting for places to visit on our journey eastward in a few weeks. It also makes me wonder where we will be at this time next year.

Last year at this time we were staying on the North Olympic Peninsula, and if I recall, on this very date, we were cold and wet. 😉 Pretty much a typical Washington winter!

Last year on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Last year on the North Olympic Peninsula.

 Location is a topic that we dwell on, especially at the holidays. I can tell you where I was at various holidays the last several years. Although don’t ask me what I had a breakfast yesterday!

But I am often reminded about the quotes prompting us to reflect on the road of life. They encourage us to remember that life is about the journey and not the destination.

And then I think of all the places we have been. All those rough roads and detours. Funny thing about the rough roads, they make you appreciate the smooth ones even more. And I don’t mind detours anymore (unless we have to back our rig out of one in the dark!) because we often found ourselves in a direction we never would have been. If you spend the journey weaving in-and-out of traffic or speeding along in the fast lane, you miss a great deal.

So who knows where we will be at this time next year. It doesn’t matter much though. What does matter is where we’ve been together. Although if I’m wet and cold, I may grumble a bit. 😉