We recently went to a RV dealership to pick up some light bulbs ( why is it RV light bulbs all go out at the same time? ) and decided to look at some of the newer models on the lot.

We have a newer fifth-wheel (2007 Cedar Creek Silverback) and are very happy with it. Our next one – we thought – would be smaller, as 38′ and 4-slides is a lot to handle, especially since the majority of campgrounds are designed for smaller rigs.

Our "bear" of a rig!

Our "bear" of a rig!

We were curious about the new layouts and options and began roaming the RV lot. Imagine our surprise when we found (and fell in love with) a newer Cedar Creek – 40′ long with 5-slides! We inquired about the price and were amazed to hear a cut of $25,000 in price. In fact, the salesman told us that the majority of RV dealerships were dramatically slashing prices.

Of course, we aren’t going to rush into anything, especially since we love our current home. But it is a good time to buy if you are in the market for a RV! However, watch the extended warranty.

Yesterday, the Campers beside us went to take in their 2008 motorhome for its yearly service (part of the extended warranty). They got up early, packed up their stuff for the journey to the service center and waited for their appointment. They were rather shocked when they found out their warranty was “no good”.

A paperwork typo – one number – caused the problem. Unfortunately by the time the error got straightened out, the service center was closing. Now they have to reschedule for another time and make another trip into the city. All because they of a typo in the  VIN number.

If you are in the market for a RV, it is a good time to make a deal. Just make sure to double check your warranty paperwork and verify information, including the VIN number.