Despite the crazy weather across the United States, the Snowbirds (mostly Seasonal RVers) are flocking back to the northern regions. It has made for an interesting week here. Snowbirds have been packing up and heading out.

We have decided to stay in Texas a couple weeks longer, not too eager to get into any odd weather or worse, the colds and flu bugs that usually follow!  So we have been watching our neighbors come and go the past several days.

One pair of Snowbirds had a bad winter (health-wise) and needed some help loading up their tows (motorcycle and car) on a trailer. That itself turned into quite an ordeal. The fellow that loaded the motorcycle stalled it on the ramp and almost dumped it. Fortunately another loader came to his rescue. Then they moved the trailer onto an empty site until they could finish loading. And wouldn’t you know it… here comes a Camper! Since no one else was around who could move it, the new Camper had to unhook his rig and drop it right on the road while moving the trailer to yet another empty site. When it was finally time for the Snowbirds to load their vehicle onto the trailer, they had problems hitching it and getting the lights to work! And that’s just one of the things that have went on this week.

Never a dull moment, especially when the Snowbirds start to flock! 😉