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Yogi BearFor those Full-Timers who would like to start workamping or those who haven’t workamped in a while – you are needed! Campgrounds and RV parks and resorts all over the country are still in need of help this season.

Despite the financial woes, Campers are still finding the time to visit their favorite campgrounds on weekends. In fact, a number of people have given up standard week-long vacations in place of just taking a series of weekend trips throughout the summer.

Instead of visiting expensive locations and attractions, many Campers are staying closer to home and enjoying local sites. With many larger campgrounds offering amenities such as fishing ponds, miniature golf, water slides, pools, game rooms and other activities, a family doesn’t have to travel far to make the most of their vacation time.

Since most campgrounds are seasonal or have peak-times in the season where they need help, it’s hard to find locals who are willing to just work a few months at a time. Yet for Full-Timers, it is a wonderful arrangement.

Jobs vary at each location, but many campgrounds are always desperate for office, maintenance, housekeeping and landscaping staff. Many require no or little experience and will train those who are willing to learn.

So start drafting that resume (or dust yours off) and start applying. If you are eager to work, there are places that are eager to have you right now!

For those of us Full-Timers who have learned to tolerate the craziness of the Big 3 (the weekends of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day), this one went by rather smoothly.

Of course, that is for those of us who have become immune to those Weekend RVers who allow their six year old children to drive golf carts around the campground at dark,  those who leave their TVs and radios at full volume while they visit friends on the other side of the campground and those who congregate in large numbers at night to talk loudly in front of your RV while you are trying to sleep.

I did see some things that did surprise me this weekend… which was rather alarming, because I thought I had seen it all!

The first surprise was the travel trailer that pulled in beside us with a full-size dog house in the back of the pickup truck. They promptly set it up behind the RV and erected a little fence around the area. I learned it “wasn’t an RV dog” and that it would spend the weekend within whimpering distance of my bedroom. I don’t know which was worse, the barking dog or the owner constantly yelling “shut up” all weekend.

The next eye-opener was the number of adults who placed lawn chairs in the back of their pickup trucks and had their friends and family sitting in the back sipping on canned drinks while they cruised the campground. I’m not quite sure what all that was about, but after seeing several “families” drive around this way I figured they all must have been too cheap to rent a golf cart.

Of course, nothing can top a RVer who was either too cheap to rent a full hook-up site or too lazy to go to visit the free dump station. What did she do? She dumped her RV tote tank in the river that families canoe, kayak and tube.

So we survived another one of the Big 3 and are nervously awaiting for the Fourth of July weekend. It has me wondering if there will be more surprises in store for us this season!

PLEASE NOTE: In all fairness, I do not blame campgrounds that are overwhelmed during the Big 3. Most are at full capacity with a small local and workamp staff working around-the-clock. Each campground has rules and regulations, but they are hard to enforce under these circumstances. If you are a Weekend RVer, please be understanding of the rules and respect your fellow Campers.


No, it’s not Stonehenge… it’s Foamhenge. Just a few miles off I-81 in Natural Bridge, Virginia you’ll do a double take when you drive by this foam replica. You just never know what you’re going to see from your RV! 🙂


The tire is completely shredded!
Shredded tire on our fifth-wheel

May Day! May Day!

On May 1st we were travelling I-35  in Texas when we saw some RVers driving in the middle lane with their door assist handle jutting out. We were behind them when a semi truck passed them from the right outside lane and it caught our attention. It appeared the truck was just inches from missing it.

We manuevered  into the outside left lane to tell them about their door. After getting their attention, they thanked us and we maneuvered back into the far right lane. They then pulled off at the nearby rest area.

Imagine our surprise when an hour later we have some motorists get our attention, saying we blew a tire! Our fifth-wheel is 8 tons and the pickup is a 1-ton with Duramax diesel and it weighs a couple tons… and we never felt a thing!

We got over as quickly as we could only to discover our tire wasn’t blown – it was shredded. In fact, it looked like an industrial-size rubber mop! A quick assessment reveal damage to the trim, undercarriage and back slide (where apparently tire chunks hit). We got the spare on and made our way to the nearest tire center about six miles away.

They had one tire for us and it was at another store. So while we waited we had our undercarriage repaired. When the tire arrived from the other store, we had it put on and all the other tires checked. The techs said they were fine and asked if we wanted help putting the spare back underneath. We decided to leave the spare in the back of the pickup truck bed…

And once we were on the road again… Imagine our surprise again when on I-30 in Arkansas when a tire on the other side went (luckily no damage). We decided to ease up on our Travel Angel and dry camped at a Flying J until we could get our rig to a tire dealership the next day.

Our tires are checked constantly – a lesson we learned while travelling during the summer months in hot regions (we’ve seen road temps close to 140 degrees). And the tires were checked prior to leaving and showed no signs of danger. The tire techs were even stunned! One trucker who was waiting on tires even said he’d never seen any type of tire separation like that.

So May 1st will now be a memorable day for us!

IN MY SITES: A Campground Mystery (Book #4)

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In My Sites
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