For those of us Full-Timers who have learned to tolerate the craziness of the Big 3 (the weekends of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day), this one went by rather smoothly.

Of course, that is for those of us who have become immune to those Weekend RVers who allow their six year old children to drive golf carts around the campground at dark,  those who leave their TVs and radios at full volume while they visit friends on the other side of the campground and those who congregate in large numbers at night to talk loudly in front of your RV while you are trying to sleep.

I did see some things that did surprise me this weekend… which was rather alarming, because I thought I had seen it all!

The first surprise was the travel trailer that pulled in beside us with a full-size dog house in the back of the pickup truck. They promptly set it up behind the RV and erected a little fence around the area. I learned it “wasn’t an RV dog” and that it would spend the weekend within whimpering distance of my bedroom. I don’t know which was worse, the barking dog or the owner constantly yelling “shut up” all weekend.

The next eye-opener was the number of adults who placed lawn chairs in the back of their pickup trucks and had their friends and family sitting in the back sipping on canned drinks while they cruised the campground. I’m not quite sure what all that was about, but after seeing several “families” drive around this way I figured they all must have been too cheap to rent a golf cart.

Of course, nothing can top a RVer who was either too cheap to rent a full hook-up site or too lazy to go to visit the free dump station. What did she do? She dumped her RV tote tank in the river that families canoe, kayak and tube.

So we survived another one of the Big 3 and are nervously awaiting for the Fourth of July weekend. It has me wondering if there will be more surprises in store for us this season!

PLEASE NOTE: In all fairness, I do not blame campgrounds that are overwhelmed during the Big 3. Most are at full capacity with a small local and workamp staff working around-the-clock. Each campground has rules and regulations, but they are hard to enforce under these circumstances. If you are a Weekend RVer, please be understanding of the rules and respect your fellow Campers.