It’s been several weeks since I even had time to sit down and post anything new at THE MODERN NOMAD. Between all the activities and trying to get in some site-seeing, the summer has went flying by.

And most of our Full-Timing friends who are workampers have found themselves in the same situation.

Despite the recent economic conditions, people are finding the time to enjoy their local campgrounds. Unfortunately, most of us wish a few Campers would have just stayed home. ūüėČ

There seems to be a new style of camping developing… Golf cart camping.¬† These folks bring their own golf carts (in pickup truck beds, in little cart¬†trailers,¬†rigged to the back of their RV or in¬†¬†toy haulers) with them and before they even get their RV settled, they are driving around the campground in their golf cart. And if they have an underage driver or pet… well, they have them drive it!

Most of these “Cart-Campers” go by the rule that golf-carts always have the right-away and they don’t have to obey traffic signs or road rules. They drive them at night around the campground (most without headlights) and if they have a radio,¬†they make sure to¬†play it too.

A few of the campgrounds we have visited have strict golf cart rules or even “not allowed” policies. We have never experienced problems with golf carts until this summer.¬†Several of our workamper friends have experienced this new trend over the¬†last few months¬†and have seen the craziness (ie. irresponsible usage) involved.

Another thing one of our workamp friends mentioned is variety of animals staying at her campground. She said she’s seen everything from rabbit hutches in the back of pickups to some folks who set up a tent and pen for their pot-bellied pig!

There have been similar sites here – including some folks who brought a dog house and erected a fence around it. They said their dog wasn’t a “Camper Dog”. Hmm… that would probably mean he shouldn’t spend a week at a campground.

A few weeks ago there was a dog attack and a child was bitten by a dog that was off leash. Despite the leash law signs and campground rules, the owner’s didn’t feel the need to leash their pet. If anything, the poor dog should have been leashed to prevent it from being run over by a golf cart!

So it’s been a summer of craziness at campgrounds across the country. Is it Labor Day Weekend yet? No? Well… one could hope it goes by quietly! ūüėČ