Once again we found ourselves in the great state of Texas with a host of other winter migrants. Instead of being called “snowbirds” or seasonal travellers, we are referred to as “Winter Texans”.

However, this year I must emphasis the word “winter”. It has been the craziest winter for this area. From gray days with drizzling rain to forecasts of snow flurries and icy roadways!

We have literally dug into our winter camping clothes (worn only while staying outside Olympic National Park in Port Angeles, Washington) and are wondering if we will ever see the sun again. Okay, I am a bit overly dramatic – we have seen the sun… just not enough of it! 😉

Yet it is a great reminder to be prepared for anything and everything when travelling to another region.

So if you are travelling for the holidays or if you are a mid-season (January to April) snowbird, be mindful of unusual weather all over the country. Pack clothing you can layer for hot-to-cold temps and keep advised of weather conditions.

There is nothing worse than getting caught in miserable weather AND not being dressed for it. Speaking of which… I need another hot chocolate! 😉