In all our years Full-Timing, I don’t think we’ve ever had to pack and re-pack as much as we’ve had to this winter. For instance, the last few days it has went from air-condition to furnace conditions – and oh yeah – throw in two days of sleet!

And just when you don’t think you need that winter jacket and place it under the bed storage area and dig out those souvenir tee-shirts again… well, Mother Nature pulls a fast-one. For those who live in a RV – you know how it is with the clothing storage situation!

So our winter in Texas has proven to keep us busy watching the Weather channel! 😉

Yet somehow I have managed to get all my camp reviews typed and photos organized and ready to post. I’ll be doing that soon… Updating some links and adding a few suggested by RVers. If you have some you’d like to share, feel free to comment here or email me with them.

And to those who have emailed or messaged me at RV groups – yes, I’m still alive! A little chilly now and then, but still going! 😉