Imagine our surprise the other week when we went to put on the new license plate yearly decal and we discovered our current one was removed! Not only did the license bandit(s) take the current year’s decal, but also the last two years underneath! Fortunately we had special screws in the license plate and that wasn’t removed.

Two days prior we had noticed some cobwebs along the back ladder rack and dusted them off. The plate had the decals at that time. So we had narrowed the time down to which two days the decals were removed. Unfortunately we had been gone most of that time. And with the holidays, our “neighbors” had been out-and-about as well. Reporting it proved useless, but at least we left a paper trail.

Since then we have purchased a clear license plate cover (make sure it’s clear, not smoke or some other tint as it is illegal in some states) to guard our plate and decals. And for the time being, we are making daily “walk arounds” to check.

This experience has made us realize how easy it would be for someone (even outside contracted landscapers, maintainance, park visitors, etc…) to remove license plates and decals from RVs parked at a resort, especially those rigs which are sitting empty for an extended period of time.

If you have your RV sitting in a  resort full-time or seasonally, you may want to check your license plate and decals. Ask a friend or “neighbor” to check regularly.