The other morning we woke up to a very chilly 28 degrees. For some folks that may be a warm December day, but for those of us in Florida – Brrrr!!!

Our concern the night before was the water line. We have winter camped before (our low is 17 degress in the North Olympic Peninsula – Washington State) and the only time we have had a frozen hose was actually a warmer temp of 30 degrees (Bridgeport, California – just down the road from historic Bodie SHP).

 We had just bought several more Funnoodles® (those pool floaties RVers use to cover their slide edges after the first time they hit their head on the edge! 😉 ) and thought those would be ideal at protecting our water hose.

 After cutting them in half, we placed them along our water hose all the way to the spigot. They fit perfectly and look better than the traditional blankets and duct-tape method.

Our line didn’t freeze and we have decided to make sure we always keep a few extra Funnoodles® in our storage area. And who knows… maybe one day we will actually use them at the pool! 😉