If you’ve ever stayed at a campground or RV resort over a holiday or for an extended period of time, odds are the park put on a potluck. For some a potluck is the perfect way to display their culinary talents, while for others it is a nightmare trying to figure out what to bring. 😉

We’ve been to potlucks where folks just ended up bringing a loaf of bread (or in one case, 10 slices) or a container of margarine because they didn’t cook/bake or just didn’t have a special potluck dish to make.

Most parks have an activity director (in season) or a volunteer oversee the event. Parks that require prior registration and/or ticket may have a sign-up sheet indicating what is needed or a list of categories (ie. salad, dessert) to mark down what folks intend on bringing.

Several years ago I found myself signing up for a potluck and, quite frankly, I can cook with the help of box directions, I just would rather not. 😉 But I had planned on attending by myself and I needed to take an item that would serve at least ten people.

I came up with a little appetizer idea that would be easy to store in a small RV refrigerator and if I had any left, would give me something to snack on for a few days. Surprisingly, my idea was a success and I had nothing left! Since then I have made these for a few other occasions and there were just as successful.

1 –  8 oz. Philadelphia Salmon Cream Cheese Spread

1 – 6 ct. Mission Foods 10” Sun-dried Tomato Wraps


1 – 8 oz. Philadelphia Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread

1 – 6 ct. Mission Food 10” Garden Spinach Wraps

Container of party toothpicks

Lay out spinach wrap and spread a generous amount of salmon spread to the edges of the wrap. Roll up wrap and hold roll in place by inserting toothpicks every inch. Slice sections between toothpick sections. Repeat with remaining wraps.

These can be stored in the refrigerator in storage baggies a day before the potluck. Right before the event, neatly arrange appetizers on a plate or serving tray. Make sure to wrap the plate or tray with plastic wrap so the wraps stay fresh. This makes about 15 servings.

Any leftovers can be stored in a baggie in the refrigerator. They make great snacks and last for a couple days.

But if you want to try your hand on something fancy, there are several websites that offer recipes, such as: http://www.potluckrecipes.net/ . 🙂