Most RV resorts and campgrounds have a listing of rules that Campers are to follow. Unfortunately some parks don’t have posted rules, while others just don’t enforce the rules they have. Good neighbors follow the park rules and respect their fellow RV Neighbors. However, not all folks are mindful. Here’s a brief list from campground “horror” stories I’ve heard… Something for everyone to keep in mind as “Camping Season” begins.

Good Neighbors

Wave, nod or say “Hi” when they see you out

Follow park rules

See you or a neighbor needs help and offers it

Are mindful of your site space

Bad Neighbors

Slams cupboards, drawers, doors – constantly, at all hours

Leaves outside TV or radio on all day (and night) whether they are there or not

Park on your site space or allow their visitors to

Drive a golf cart, scooter or other motorized vehicle around your site

Run their generator for several hours without reason

Intentionally build a large “tower” fire with flames and smoke heading toward your site

“Borrow” your ladder and/or water hose while you are gone for the day

Ugly Neighbors

Have the entire contents of their RV on their site or pad

Throw their garbage outside… and it never seems to make the designated trash bin or curb for pick-up

Erect a series of fencing or cages for their animals to stay outside (not always dogs, as in the case of the pot-bellied pigs…)

Haven’t had their RV washed in several years