I was hoping to see Anchorage again... but there's always next summer!

Economic conditions, rising fuel costs and environmental factors have left us and other Full-Timers wondering which road we should take – quite literally.

Our summer plans were to head westward once again and spent some time in the Pacific Northwest and then heading to Canada and Alaska.

Yet that is the benefit of the Full-Timer lifestyle. We aren’t stuck in a particular town, state or even region. We are mobile and can move on or just remain in the same area.

Sometimes we have planned to travel an area only to find we are faced with detours or just… well… find ourselves turning down a different road.

Like life, we don’t always end up where we had hoped or planned to be.

However, I truly believe that there is a reason we find ourselves on the backroads of life. Sometimes you see some amazing things and met some equally amazing people – Opportunities you wouldn’t have had travelling down the super-highway.

So we will remain on the East coast just a little while longer. I know there is another adventure to get “lost” into this summer. And who knows, it maybe the most incredible one yet! 🙂

Who knows what adventure awaits this summer!