hscooper - c2011

Winter camping at an early age was rough... yeah right! 🙂

I was going through some older photos the other day and realized that I was pretty much born to Camp! 🙂

I have photos of us tenting (although I’m not posting pictures of me running around in diapers! 😉 ) and then in later years upgrading to travel trailers and finally motorhomes.

Above is a picture of the old Trek we had when I was around ten years old or so. Even then we didn’t hesitate to winter-camp! I remember having to put on my blue thermal shirt and pants under my regular clothes because it was so cold. But it was always fun sledding, cross-country skiing or just playing in the snow and coming in from the cold and finding my mom making some hot chocolate on the stove.

And then there was the Coachmen (pictured below) we had in my teen years. When we went on vacation we would pick out a handful of states in a region and just go. No plans, just head down the highway and see what there was to see. Sometimes vacation didn’t coordinate with the school year, but my mom would make sure I got the assignments in advance. I would do them during the trip and return to school with them finished. It was actually fun, especially if our trip somehow matched the homework assignments – such as a history lesson on the Old West, while we were in Arizona or New Mexico.

I guess I was born to Camp. And now that Camper has grown into a modern nomad. 😉

hscooper - c2011

School work was more fun on vacation. Yep, seriously! 🙂