Before we headed out on-the-road for our winter travels, our Suburban water heater went out. A trip to the local RV store (in Florida) for a new one and a quick (okay, maybe not that quick) installation left us thinking that was the end of our water heater woes.

Imagine our surprise when we get on-the-road and had no hot water! The thermostat on the new Suburban water heater was faulty. We called the RV store where we purchased the new water heater and they told us that since it was brand-new they would contact Suburban on our behalf. Later they called us back and told us Suburban said we would have to contact them directly regarding replacement parts/costs. The RV store gave us the information and we called Suburban.

Not only did Suburban deny our new one was faulty, they even questioned whether we had a bought one! Our conversation with Suburban left us boiling – all over a $40 thermostat.

We tracked down a replacement thermostat on our own and thanks to Camping World (in Texas) we managed to repair the brand-new $600 faulty Suburban water heater we just bought! No thanks to Suburban.

So be aware if you have to replace or repair a Suburban water heater – you’re on your own because Suburban only knows how to give their customers the cold-shoulder.

Silly RVers! Always playing with their hot water heater!