Well, it’s been several weeks since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and post. The holiday season was a little more eventful than we had originally planned!

It started with having to move to a different RV park (that story is worthy of its own posting later on) in the middle of the season… and it continued as our rig needing some attention…

It started with the need for a new door handle. We went to do some holiday shopping and locked the door. Only the door didn’t really want to lock. So the holiday shopping got postponed and we headed for Camping World for a replacement kit.

Then there was the truck… the computer was alerting us that the trailer brakes needed serviced. So we scheduled an appointment with the closest Chevy dealer. Fortunately they got us in quickly and repaired the part which wasn’t “communicating” between the truck and fifth-wheel.

And what is a new year without a new tire? We were in the middle of Austin when we had a very large screw puncture our back inside dual-tire. Luckily we had a safe place to pull over and put on the spare tire. Although I will admit, we aren’t pit crew material when it comes to changing tires. I think it took us twenty minutes. Yet that speed will probably increase since now there is an impact wrench on board!

But no rest for these nomads… we found our lights flickering and although we replaced both RV batteries… well, it was another trip to Camping World for a new converter. 

Oh, and you would think that the “it comes in threes” principle would at least kick in on the sixth thing… yet it didn’t.

Chewed wires... they don't look appetizing to me!There was a problem with the radio in the truck… and some hungry little critter chewed through a handful of wires! So those had to be replaced and sprayed so the toothy critter wouldn’t return. Thankfully this wasn’t more of a problem!

And… that doesn’t include the email and login issues…. So if you have emailed at the previous address and didn’t receive a reply, I apologize as they were lost. Please note there is a new contact address. 

With all that aside, now it’s time to start planning for the next long haul… what other adventures await us in 2012? 😉