Photo by H.S. Cooper

Photo by H.S. Cooper ©
Our first winter on-the-road!

This September marks four years of THREE MODERN NOMADS. I started it when friends and folks we encountered along the way suggested the idea… and here it is four years later!

I have recently made some changes to TMN. The major one is redesigning the TRAVEL page. Before each year-season had its own page and it was rather difficult to read. Now there is only one travel link and when you click on it, you can read our travel “diary”. The diary was written in start-and-stop fashion, so you will noticed at times I stop and then continue on days or perhaps weeks later. Photos that were posted in that section are being moved to the appropriate state. And State pages are being updated… another work-in-progress!

Another change to TMN is that the posts (article) pages have been removed. For older posts, you can type in a keyword or topic in the SEARCH box located on the left side of the HOME page. Relevant archived posts will appear and you can scroll through finding the one you are looking for. New and popular posts will remain as “stickies” to the HOME page. If you subscribe via email, any new posts will be emailed to you. However, new photo pages will not – so be sure to stop and visit the site occasionally if you are a subscriber.

I am also moving and uploading new photos to their own pages under the appropriate state. Links can be found on the left side of the HOME page under PHOTOS (and then State). Updating links and adding more images and slideshows is still a work-in-progress, but without the hassles of constantly updating the REVIEWS page, I have more time to focus on photos. You may have noticed the campground review pages no longer exists! Updating campground and RV resort reviews was a never-ending project for me. I have a few ideas of how to do that without making it such a “chore”, so that section may return in the near future.

The FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) page has been updated with common questions I often receive via email. I will add more general questions to this page in the near future. And the QUOTE page is a more readable now and I’ve added some new photos.

And what’s a celebration without a few surprises? You’ll just have to wait and see what September brings… 😉

I want to thank all of you who have liked, shared, commented and emailed over the years. It’s been great to hear about your travels as well!

Safe Travels!

— H.S.