A 'CLASS A' STASH by H.S. Cooper

A ‘CLASS A’ STASH by H.S. Cooper

The first book in my Campground Mystery series, A ‘CLASS A’ STASH is now available in an instant PDF version. Make sure you read the first book in the series before the second book, THE PROPANE GAME, comes out this Fall!


Regardless of her being the sole winner of a $500 million lottery jackpot, Molly Miller is your average twenty-nine year old woman.  She just wants to take care of her family and friends and pursue her own goals.

After giving away most of her first installment check, Molly takes off in a new pickup truck and fifth-wheel to roam the United States and follow her dreams of being a writer.

Her first stop is Emerald Bay, Florida.  Although she had no intention of staying long, she decides to call Emerald Bay home for several months after befriending the handsome local sheriff.

Molly quickly becomes friends with the seasonal residents at Emerald Bay Campground and begins to enjoy her new RVing lifestyle.

When one of her fellow campers suffers a stroke, Molly begins to have doubts. Her suspicions of the honeymooners a few campsites away from her grow.  The pieces quickly begin to add up, but will it be in time to save Molly from dangerous criminals?