Photo by H.S. Cooper ©

Photo by H.S. Cooper ©

 Having traveled the country coast-to-coast several times in a recreational vehicle, there are some things I have learned that are important to remember. The first is to remember which truck stops offer the best pizza. This is extremely important to know, especially when you are traveling down some rough roads and need an excuse to pull-off for an hour or so.

The second most important thing would be which campgrounds to avoid – period. Of course, there are several reasons to remember these especially if they are located beside active railways, at the end of airport runways, in flood zones or are just plain horrible. And, believe me, there are some pretty horrible campgrounds out there!

The third thing to remember is how much you have paid for fuel. Now this may not be a concern for most, but when you are a Full-Time RVer and you pull-up to a pump to see over $5 a gallon for diesel and you are towing a forty-foot fifth-wheel with a one-ton dually, well, you have a tendency to clutch your heart before handing over the entire contents of your wallet to the station attendant.

Thankfully fuel prices have been dropping and that makes us Happy Travelers! 🙂