Several years ago my family decided to live year-round in a recreational vehicle and become full-time RVers. Considering we were living in South Florida and had gone through several major hurricanes over the years, it was easy to reach a unanimous decision.

I’m sure each Full-Timer you talk to will give you a different reason for abandoning a stick house… but for us it just happened to come together at once and we realized that the material things weren’t worth the hassle and stress. Even though we found that items no longer had an emotional hold over us, it was still a major undertaking to get rid of them. There is a limit to what charities will take and we found ourselves renting flea market space to literally give away household items. One would think it would be easy to give items away, but in reality it isn’t.

A few weeks later we received a call that our new fifth-wheel had arrived at the dealer. We went to pick it up and quickly moved in the items we planned on keeping. The next few months proved a good learning period.

Despite having previously owned motor homes and travel trailers when will still had a stick house, living in a recreational vehicle full-time was a different experience for us. It’s not like when you go on vacation and pack a week’s worth of food and clothes. When you live in full-time, you have to learn how to pack and store your entire household into a handful of storage compartments, cabinets and drawers. Even grocery shopping became a new experience with the limited kitchen and refrigerator space.

A few months later we found ourselves free of everything and ready to hit the road. With our road atlas spread out on the table, we decided to head to the State of Washington. Our friends told us we were crazy, leaving sunny South Florida for the rainy Pacific Northwest, but we didn’t let them sway us. And early one morning we hooked-up our fifth-wheel to our pickup truck and headed for the open road!

One thing we have learned over the years it that there is never a dull moment being Full-Timers. Just when you think you can plop down in that lawn chair or head out on that never-ending highway… well, something is bound to happen! We have seen some things I have a hard time believing to this day. Honestly, I am surprised that Hollywood hasn’t picked up on the idea of a campground as a site for a reality TV show. I’ve seen more action, drama and comedy from our RV kitchen window than Hollywood can dish out!

I honestly never thought about a blog until much later into the journey when people started saying “blog, blog, blog”! Now at the time wifi was limited and honestly, if there is a spot in the country where there is no wifi, we’ve been there! So my earlier posts were brief and few photos (took forever to load)… in the last few years I’ve tried to post more photos and let folks know about various attractions in the country. It’s a beautiful country and if you have the chance – see it while you can. You don’t need a fancy rig – heck, most hotels are cheaper than campgrounds anyway. Or toss in a tent and just go! You won’t regret it. We have been to places that have vanished – from floods to fires and urban sprawl or commercialization.

And if you can’t travel, feel free to share in our journeys. I have published a book called A Thousand Words: Photos from life on-the-road (available at Amazon) with hundreds of photos from our travels (2007-2012). The first four books in my new Campground Mystery series, A ‘Class A’ Stash, The Propane Game, Dying to Work Camp  and In My Sites are also available online through the publisher and Amazon. The fifth book, Without a Hitch will be available Winter 2017.

Questions? Comments? Want to share your favorite travel spot? Feel free to contact me at However, please be sure to mention TMN in the subject and add my email to your safe contacts. I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer, but will respond to emails as soon as I can.

Happy Travels!

Updated: August 29, 2016