Photo taken by H.S. Cooper ©

Photo taken by H.S. Cooper ©Vikingsholm Castle

When you think of Lake Tahoe… you just don’t picture a “castle” hidden away with magnificent views.  If you head to Lake Tahoe on the California side, you have to visit Emerald Bay State Park and experience the hike down to Vikingsholm.

Vikingsholm was built in the 1920s as a summer home. Tours of the castle are offered for a modest fee. If you do hike down to the castle, be mindful that there is no cafe. So make sure you take drinks and snacks for the trail. It is down hill going, but uphill coming back.

The parking area where the trail to Vikingsholm starts has an amazing view of Fannette Island and Eagle Falls. When we visited Emerald Bay State Park it was actually hazy from wild fires a hundred miles away.

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