Photo by H.S. Cooper © Possum Monument

Photo by H.S. Cooper © Possum Monument

Off Highway 77 in Wausau (FL) there is a stone monument dedicated to the possum. In 1982 the Florida Legislature passed a resolution that the first Saturday in August would be Possum Day. Now you are probably scratching your head thinking, “Why?” Well, the possum did play a role in helping early Southern settlers during tough times by providing an additional food source… so that’s kinda worthy of a monument. Baked possum is still a popular dish. Of course, modern recipes involve beer and Tabasco sauce!

But what would a monument be without a festival? There is a Possum Festival every year in August. Although this year’s festival is over, you can always work your vacation plans around it next year. ;)

Photo by H.S. Cooper ©

Photo by H.S. Cooper © Wausau Possum Monument