If you find yourself in the Lake Charles (LA) area and happen to visit the USS Orleck Naval Museum, please let us know what the inside of the ship looks like! We planned a visit during normal business hours, only to find a rather ominous “Do not enter” sign near the fenced gate. Stepping into the fenced area we noticed it didn’t really look all that welcoming to visitors. Stepping a few feet more toward the walkway, we heard two big splashes, only to see that we had agitated two alligators. A few seconds later we found ourselves back in the Silverado!

The USS Orleck, a Gearing-class Destroyer, was built in 1954 and served in both the Korean Conflict and Vietnam war. The ship was even known as the “Grey Ghost of the Vietnam Coast”. In 1982 she was decommissioned and used by the Turkish Navy and served in the Persian Gulf. The ship made its way back to the US in 1999 and eventually ended up in Lake Charles.