Photo by H.S. Cooper ©

Photo by H.S. Cooper © Column

Just north of Springfield (MO) off I-44 is Fantastic Caverns. Now you are probably wondering, what makes it so “fantastic”? Well, this is the only cave in America where you drive-thru. The guide loads up the departing “explorers” into a tram pulled by a jeep and for the next hour, you make your way through the first section of the caverns. There is even a short move shown inside the caverns!

The temperature is a cool 60 degrees year-round so you may want to take a light jacket. Even if you don’t think you’ll need a jacket, you may want to sit on it for cushioning as the tram ride can get a little bumpy.

Admission is over $22 for adults and photos of your tour are available for $10. Parking is rather awkward so if you are in the Big Rig, you may consider just taking the tow.

Photo by H.S. Cooper ©

Photo by H.S. Cooper © Cannon