Photo by H.S. Cooper ©

Photo by H.S. Cooper © Bonniebrook

If you aren’t familiar with Rose O’Neill, then you probably haven’t seen a Kewpie doll. This talented woman created the Kewpie dolls (as well as other characters) and was a well-known writer and artist between the early to mid-1900s.

Her family home, which she called Bonniebrook, is located off Hwy. 65 (mile marker 20.2) in Walnut Shade (MO). The original home burned down after her death in the 1940s, but years later dedicated volunteers rebuilt the 14-room mansion. Today the home appears as it did during O’Neill’s time.

Admission is $8 for adults and includes a guided tour of the home (3 stories), entrance into the gallery and museum. There is a walkway around the grounds and a couple of her large sculptures are on display. A short walk along the creek leads to the family cemetery. Flowers adorn Rose’s grave.

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Photo by H.S. Cooper ©

Photo by H.S. Cooper © Rose O’Neill home

Photo by H.S. Cooper ©

Photo by H.S. Cooper © Rose’s corner